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Cancellation of already purchased parcel labels

Stornierung über Auftragsübersicht.jpg
Cancellation via "Post".jpg
Cancellation via "Customer file".jpg

Cancellation of parcel labels is only possible on the day of creation until 17:00. Stamps created between 5:00 p.m. and 0:00 a.m. cannot be cancelled, as the stamps from this period are automatically included in the service provider's daily planning for the following day. This is the only way to guarantee our prices.

You have two or three options for cancelling, depending on the software package:

  • From the basic package onwards via the corresponding order under Order - Documents - Parcel Stamps (see top image).
  • via Post - Parcels - Parcel list (see middle picture).
  • via the customer file and here under System --> Scroll down, you will see the purchased parcel labels for this customer (see picture below).

In all cases, cancel the parcel label by clicking on the bin icon: .

Even after the collection has been ordered, the parcel stamp can be cancelled until 5 pm.

If the parcel has already been handed over to the carrier, cancellation is no longer possible - regardless of the time.

The parcel mark should now disappear. If in doubt, please reload the page. If the stamp cannot be cancelled before 5 p.m. even on the day of creation, please open a help ticket under Help - Tickets - Write ticket.

If the button is grey , a cancellation is no longer possible.

 Tip: Cancellation missed or the customer wants a later delivery after all?
       You can save the stamp you have already created and use it for the identical customer within four weeks (10 days for DHL). 
       customer. To do this, create a note in the customer file.
       Please note that a DHL parcel stamp must be posted within 10 days after it has been created, otherwise DHL will charge you for it.
       Otherwise, DHL will charge you for the additional amount.

More about the creation of parcel labels.