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If things get stuck, you can quickly and easily send a message to the Winestro.Cloud team in the Help Forum from anywhere in the programme.

If possible, please do not send a message by e-mail, as we can act more quickly via the forum. 

Most issues can be resolved on the same day and the line to the developers themselves is extremely short. We also like to take on board new ideas from our wineries and thus develop Winestro.Cloud further, directly according to the needs of our customers. In order to be able to provide all users (on average, a user submits about 2 tickets per month) with free support as quickly as possible, support may become chargeable if 15 help tickets per month are used permanently in the first three months, and 10 tickets in the following months. However, this rarely happens and you will be notified before any costs are incurred. Here we show you quite transparently what fair use is for us.

'Included in free support Not included in free support
  • General questions on various topics
  • Questions about programme processes
  • Questions about billing and parcel services
  • Advice on viticulture and programme topics in general
  • Reporting errors in the programme
  • Reporting ideas about the programme
  • General feedback - praise welcome :)
  • Enquiries about contract work
  • Requests for package changes
  • Suggestions / hints for the programme and Wiki in general
  • Feedback and questions about training
  • Correction of own input errors / adjustments of databases
  • Correction of data transfers after final acceptance
  • Communication with the tax advisor
  • Communication with IT service providers
  • Communication with agencies etc.
  • *If necessary, "all-round carefree" is covered by creation package - free of charge in the Forum
  • Recall requests
  • Support of self-purchased hardware such as printers etc.
  • More than 10 tickets per month
  • Use the forum as a wiki / manual replacement in the long run ;)